About Us

Mr Lairamore Statue

Mr Lairamore Statue

Our History:

In 1934 HH Lairamore came to Fort Smith from the farm and went to work selling brooms. After a few years of creating a customer base, HH decided he could manufacture his own brooms.

In 1943 HH Lairamore and his children started the Lairamore broom company in downtown Fort Smith Arkansas. Then in 1947 a massive flood of the Arkansas River devastated the Fort Smith industrial district, Including the Lairamore broom company factory. Mr. Lairamore made a decision this would not happen again so in 1947 he bought a property located on a hill south of Fort Smith and built a new factory for the Lairamore Broom & Mop Company, where the factory is still located at today, in the heart of Fort Smith Arkansas. With the hard work and perseverance HH Lairamore, Harvey Lairamore, John Lairamore, Glynn Shults and Scott Shults, Lairamore Corp. has grown and prospered over the last 69 years. Our commitment to distribute only top quality cleaning products, at fair prices, with the knowledge on how to use them, is the same commitment made in 1943 and is still true today.

Our Store and Services:

Our store located on a hill south of Fort Smith. We sell everything it takes to make cleaning easier, we also answer questions on how to clean easier. We can repair cleaning equipment, from vacs to riders.